We've Seen Enough

Pilot Program began, Saturday, April 1, 2017






- We’ve seen enough of our children looking down on themselves. 

- We’ve seen enough of our children not having confidence in their God- 

given abilities.  

- We’ve seen enough of our children settling for mediocre.  

- We’ve seen enough of our children barely getting by in school.  

- We’ve seen enough of our children not respecting themselves or others.  


Our children are our leaders for tomorrow, now is the time to train them  TO BE LEADERS!!



We don’t claim to be the Savior or the answer to all of your child’s issues, but we believe our program will help.    It is not our desire to take over as parent, but we believe the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child” is absolutely true.  We commit to being part of “the village”. 

We've Seen Enough Program

- Children (ages 5-13) will meet two hours for six weeks

- Program Theme:  Self Respect and Respect For Others

- Activities geared to encouraged children to declare: "I Am Somebody"

- T-shirts will be provided

- Graduation Ceremony the sixth week

   -- All participants will receive trophy and Award from "Geron Lacy Scholarship Fund"



For more information or to request program at your church, send us an email  

We've Seen Enough 1st Graduating Class 2017


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