Me Inside Out


Me Inside Out: The Past Is Not A Tombstone, It's A Stepping Stone

ISBN-13: 978-1608447749


Trapped in a dark room filled with the affects of abandonment, abuse, low self esteem, pride, hurt, molestation, envy and so much more; Margaret, Betty, Gerald and Alice are captured by a common friend, the Past.   The only way out of the dark room is through the door, but there's just one problem--their friend has disabled the lights, so they can't see the door.  They yell, complain, fuss and fight, determined to make their friend let them out!   But, the friend refuses to turn on the lights, insisting, "Overpower me and the lights will come on."   Will they find their friend in the dark and discover he's standing on the light switch?  Will they overpower him, knock him out and live?  Or will they die in this dark room and never discover how to let "Me" out , robbing the world of the beauty trapped in the dark room?


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