Mission Statement

The mission of ATWWJ Productions is to encourage, inspire and enable Christian musicians, dancers, actors, writers, artists and singers to use their God-given abilities to the glory of God; through drama, concerts, artist showcases, and other live productions. 

Vision Statement

Each One, Reach One to Teach One to HELP SOMEBODY!


The vision of ATWWJ Productions is to provide an atmosphere of peace, encouragement and discipline for our youth and young adults.  To instill truth, "society's norm" is not their norm; they are Designer's Originals!  To let them know, no one can do what God created them to do.  We will teach them:   "The Way", commitment, and discipline.  Their gifts and talents will be sharpened and used to minister through live productions.  


Ultimately, our vision is to show the world "Jesus" by way of Christian Entertainment. 



1.  Organize "We've Seen Enough".   A subsidiary to ATWWJ Productions, in order to create an environment where youth and young adults can come together to explore their talents and be encouraged to use them freely and confidently to the glory of God.
2.  Secure a facility for "We've Seen Enough" to provide a safe place for fellowship, rehearsal and instruction. 
3.  Provide the way to CHANGE in our community, city, state and ultimately the world. 


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